Do you think the levels of the other Money Movers games are too easy? Can you build better and more challenging levels? If so, get ready to build and design levels with Money Movers Maker. Now you can design your very own levels and share them with other players! Choose from different building blocks and start your project right away! Money Movers Maker gives you the ability to design your own Money Mover levels. Prisons are not meant to be escaped from. Make sure you put enough challenges in your designs to reflect that. As the player, your objective in this game is to create levels with the various objects you have. Stone walls, metal platforms, crates, cameras, and many other items you usually see in the Money Movers series are at your disposal to create the best level ever. You can start by placing stone walls to create paths for the criminal brothers. Add some security measures such as cameras, laser detectors, and even decorations! Want to make the place look more lively? Add guards and other inmates for the extra challenge! A Money Movers game is not complete without mechanisms. Place buttons, levers, and moving platforms to add a layer of challenge! Don't forget to color code these platforms so theyll be functional or your characters will be stuck in the level! Does the placement of that object look a bit off? You can rotate and flip objects as you want. If you want to place items more precisely, you can toggle the grid on. At the top of the screen, youll see different item menus that you can expand to find the objects youre looking for. Place the money bags and when youre ready, you can test your level! Make sure it is fully playable and if you can collect all the money bags youve placed, you can share the level with other players! Prison breaks are always fun with Money Movers games! Take a different approach and take control of a guard and his canine companion in the third game of the series, Money Movers 3!